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Japanese Kanji Flashcards
Finding you time to learn

Would you like to improve your Japanese with seemingly little effort? Why not make use of time that would otherwise be wasted by harnessing the power of your mobile phone!

Japanese Kanji Flashcards is a new flash card and vocabulary testing application for your cellular phone! Follow these few tips while buying Cialis online and you are sure to have a pill that gives you full value for money. Instead of playing games with it, use it to improve your Japanese. Grammar becomes much easier when you have words on the tip of your tongue to say! We have personal experience of how this software has improved test scores. There are versions aimed at learning the core Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 4 and level 3 vocabulary as well as the Japanese GCSE - making it a very handy and fun way to build your language power.

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  • Conjugate - One keypress for "i" adjective and verb conjugation. Pasive, potential and causative in level 3 version.
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Screenshot: Japanese verb "kieru"

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